215 N Main Street Ann Arbor      (734) 663-7758

The Rathskeller

Downstairs from the Heidelberg Alpine Dining Room, you’ll find the Rathskeller, a favorite Ann Arbor watering hole that remains something of a reasonably-well-known “best-kept secret”. A classic rathskeller setting with its bricked-arch ceiling, stained-glass windows, casual beer-hall tables, roomy booths, dart boards, giant jenga, and so much more!! The Rathskeller is a great spot to genuinely kick back and loosen up with friends over drinks.

Outliving Trendiness

While hip themed cocktail lounges have come and gone over the years, the Rathskeller has remained largely unchanged, except for who you’ll find filling the seats. Through the seventies, eighties, and nineties, the place was a popular spot with local business owners, who adhered to the crazy German tradition of cutting off your tie or trouser leg as proof that you were letting loose for the day. Gone (thankfully) are the dozens (or was it hundreds?) of neckties and pantlegs that used to be draped around the bar. Today you’ll find a much more diverse, younger crowd, comprised mostly of people who enjoy a good cocktail or craft beer, and know how to have a good time.