215 N Main Street Ann Arbor      (734) 663-7758

What’s New?

 The real question is what ISN’T new! We’ve given the entire place a refresh. Stay tuned.

Tablet Menus

We now use tablet menus provided by Menuvative. Get a visual preview of the dishes, and help selecting the perfect wine or beer to match your selection!

The Club is Back!

We re-modeled and re-opened Club Above this year, and offer dancing with DJ's and live music several nights every week. Ask us about booking the space!

New German Cuisine

We're slowly adding "Neue deutsche Küche" dishes to the menu. Lighter, locally sourced fare that's still 100% authentic German!

Alles Neu!

We've done a refresh of the Alpine Dining Room, keeping the comfortable rustic vibe, while restoring the vintage murals and decor.